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The search for the best steakhouse and wine list in San Diego is over! Greystone has been recognized by various specialized magazines as the Best Steakhouse in San Diego and California (SD Entertainer & Best Things California), Best Fine Dining Award (Gaslamp Quarter), and Best Wine List (Wine Spectator). Our staff work tirelessly everyday to build and deliver the best meals for our guests, including Miyazaki Prefecture Wagyu Beef and an award-winning wine list. If you are looking for a magical and unforgettable night, then come to Greystone and take your taste buds on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ rollercoaster ride.

Indulge in Wagyu Steak

Greystone is the only steakhouse in San Diego to serve an ​international variety of Wagyu Beef​: American Wagyu, Australian Greg Norman Farm and Miyazaki Prefecture Japanese Wagyu, A5 Japanese Wagyu. This unique degree of marbling adds a matchless depth of flavor, making Wagyu Beef so tender it actually melts in your mouth.

A5 Wagyu beef from Miyazaki prefecture is among the finest and most luxurious brands of beef in the world. Miyazaki Beef is 100% Fullblood Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki Prefecture. The breed of cow that is used is Kuroge Wagyu, also known as “Japanese Black”. It is one of four Wagyu breeds that exist today. A highly sought-after selection of A5 Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu is Miyazakigyu, which is world-renowned for its intricate, snowflake-like marbling. Miyazakigyu exhibits a buttery, tender texture that offers an upscale eating experience.

At Greystone, we are committed to serving only the best quality meat, and Wagyu is the best example of this. Join us and feel with your own senses why wagyu beef is one of the most precious meats in the whole world.

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Private Dining & Events

Organizing group dinners for your friends, family, or your trip to the San Diego Convention Center can feel overwhelming. But fear not! At Greystone Steakhouse, we comprehend the importance of crafting a flawless dining affair for you and your group in downtown San Diego. Our committed events team at Greystone is here around the clock, meticulously overseeing every detail of your corporate or special event, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. 

Conveniently located within walking distance to many well-known Gaslamp Quarter hotels and five short blocks from the San Diego Convention Center, Greystone Steakhouse is proud to offer its facility for any function. Greystone offers multiple levels of private or group dining experiences for receptions, business meetings or anything you desire in a gorgeous historical building.

Be assured, your guests will leave dazzled by the exceptional San Diego restaurant you’ve chosen. We’re excitedly looking forward to welcoming you and your group!

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