The Exquisite Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Quality in the Heart of Downtown San Diego

Discover the World’s Most Exquisite Beef

The A5 Wagyu is a decadent and luxurious experience that will tantalize the taste buds of any steak lover. The A5 grade is the highest attainable rating for Wagyu beef. It is prized for its flavor, marbling, juiciness, and tenderness. The restaurant specializes in sourcing these cuts from Japan’s renowned Miyazaki prefecture, which has been producing some of the world’s finest meats since the late 19th century.

Our Chefs prepare each piece of A5 Wagyu to perfection, perfectly balancing searing heat with delicate seasoning to bring out the best in the beef’s rich marbling. At Greystone, we seek the best for our guests and want you to enjoy our A5 Wagyu steaks prepared in a way that profiles a unique flavor to this exquisite cut of meat. We provide a special gastronomic experience that combines exquisite flavors with top-quality ingredients to make your culinary experience memorable. Greystone proudly presents a one-of-a-kind Japanese A5 Wagyu experience.

True Japanese 100% Wagyu Steak

Miyazaki Wagyu are Kuroge Washu cows raised in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. This is a century-old breed, and the biggest out of the total of four that are raised in Japan. The cattles are treated like kings by the ranchers who raise them. Japanese breeders only raise an average of 4 cattles at a time, to make sure they are receiving the best care. Each phase of their life is tracked, in order to trace where they come from and make sure the meat is authentic and has the best quality.

Discover the World’s Most Exquisite Beef

Rated highest attainable and sourced from Miyazaki, Japan’s renowned prefecture home to the world’s finest beef since late 19th century – our Chefs prepare each cut with impeccable care; searing heat coupled with delicate seasoning highlighting its rich marbling of flavor, juiciness and tenderness.

An unforgettable gastronomic journey combining exquisite flavors in top quality ingredients awaits you.

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