Certified Halah Meats in Downtown San Diego

Try Our Halah Certified Meats

Our restaurant is proud to offer Halal Greg Norman Wagyu steaks, certified to meet the highest Halal standards. This premium beef is graded according to Australia’s Meat Standards Australia (MSA) system, which focuses on the eating quality of specific cuts, considering tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Unlike the US grading system, which emphasizes intramuscular fat content, the MSA grading system provides a more comprehensive assessment of beef quality.

The AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment evaluates each beef carcass based on the color of meat and fat, marbling, eye muscle area, rib fat, and carcass maturity, ensuring clear quality categories. This method ensures that our Halal Wagyu steaks offer an exceptional cooking and dining experience, catering to our customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

True Halah Steaks

Halal meats are prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws, which ensure the meat is permissible for consumption by those who follow the faith. The process involves humane treatment of the animal and a specific method of slaughter that aims to minimize pain and stress. This method also includes a prayer said over the animal. The result is high-quality meat that adheres to strict cleanliness and ethical standards, making it a popular choice not only for its religious significance but also for its assurance of quality and care in preparation.

halah steak

Halah Pork Chops Done Right

Halal pork chops are an exciting innovation, offering the delicious taste of pork while adhering to Islamic dietary laws. These chops are made from alternative meats such as chicken or beef, specially prepared and seasoned to mimic the flavor and texture of traditional pork. The preparation follows strict halal guidelines, ensuring the meat is ethically sourced and processed. The result is a flavorful and high-quality dish that allows everyone to enjoy the taste of pork chops within the boundaries of halal dietary requirements.