Discover the Delights of Greystone’s New Happy Hour Menu

We are so excited to introduce Greystone’s newest Happy Hour menu created by our Michelin Rated Chef: Christopher Osborne. The new menu offers an array of delightful options to enjoy during our Happy Hour: Sunday-Friday from 4-6 pm. Let’s dive into the newest dishes that will make your happy hour experience at Greystone truly unforgettable.

Kimchee Brussels – $7:

Indulge in a fusion of flavors with the tantalizing Kimchee Brussels. This appetizer features crispy fried Brussels sprouts perfectly paired with a house-made kimchee sauce. The combination of the crispy texture and the bold, tangy flavors of the kimchee sauce creates a harmonious blend that will leave you craving for more. The Kimchee Brussels at Greystone is a culinary delight that will surely set your taste buds alight.

Maine Lobster Roll – $19:

For seafood lovers, the Maine Lobster Roll is a must-try. Nestled in a roasted brioche bun, the succulent lobster meat is elevated with a zesty lemon aioli and a sprinkle of tobikko for an added burst of flavor. The addition of creamy avocado adds a luxurious touch to this classic dish. Each bite of this lobster roll will transport you to the coastal shores of Maine, where the seafood is fresh and the flavors are unrivaled.

Italian Sausage Bolognese – $12:

If you’re in the mood for a hearty and comforting dish, the Italian Sausage Bolognese will hit the spot. This tantalizing pasta dish features mafalde pasta smothered in a rich red wine sauce, complemented by the savory goodness of sweet Italian sausage. Topped with grated Parmesano Regiano, each forkful of this exquisite dish offers a symphony of flavors that will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

Truffle Mac – $11:

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food experience with the Truffle Mac. This creamy mac and cheese dish is elevated to new heights with the addition of parmesan bread crumbs and a drizzle of white truffle oil. The combination of the rich, velvety cheese sauce and the aromatic truffle oil creates a symphony of flavors that will leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a fan of classic mac and cheese or an adventurous foodie, this dish will not disappoint.

Whether you’re a seafood lover, a pasta enthusiast, or a fan of innovative appetizers, Greystone’s happy hour menu has something for everyone. Gather your friends and head over to Greystone Steakhouse!

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