Greystone’s 23rd Anniversary

With a Steadfast Persistence, Greystone Steakhouse and Seafood Makes the Best of Every Situation, Celebrating their 23rd Anniversary this Month

Nestled in the heart of San Diego’s bustling Gaslamp quarter and the epitome of authentic sophistication, Greystone Steakhouse and Seafood boasts a legacy of exceeding expectations. Built on owner Vincenzo Loverso’s & Allesandro Minutella’s passion for home-cooked food, the thriving restaurant is now celebrating its 23rd year anniversary as the only family-owned steakhouse in San Diego’s downtown area. An immersive Venetian experience, a carefully curated menu serving the most exotic cuts and wild meat in San Diego—elk, rabbit, bison, and more—since 1999, a wine spectator award-winning wine list, and the only international variety of Wagyu Beef in all of San Diego sets Greystone apart as the premier steakhouse destination in the city.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, Greystone, founded in 1999, has persisted. Voted by San Diego Magazine as the “Best Steakhouse with Patio Dining,” they pride themselves on their adaptability and continually celebrate just how far they have come. Built on inclusive ideals, Greystone does not turn anyone away from their doors: completely gluten free with plenty of vegetarian options, the venue lives up to its legacy—a world-class cuisine harnessed from years of traditional recipes with a chic ambiance that will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable night.

Greystone has and always will pull out all the stops for the delicately plated flavors on their menu. Fresh fish imported daily from the Mediterranean and South America sauteed and smoked to perfection joins the speciality delicacies and a choice between three tender Wagyu steaks: the Japanese Miyazaki Prefecture, one of the best quality Wagyu beefs with a guaranteed authenticity and impeccable quality, the Australian Wagyu, ripe with an rich intense flavor and beautiful marbling, and the American Wagyu, a top-quality meat used by famous chefs across the country. Seasonal ingredients matched with the chefs’ decades of comprehensive knowledge and skills create a power-house marriage that ensures every dish leaving the kitchen is imbued with the coastal California flare and an exquisite original twist. 

Greystone swings open their doors for a wide variety of events, including corporate events, cocktail receptions, birthdays, and even intimate parties. They offer a separate diverse set of menus for date nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and happy hour gatherings. The vintage decor and timeless nature of the venue, complete with sleek mahogany and a wine cellar appeal, complements any event perfectly. Their world-class wine list, one that has earned accolades from the Wine Spectator every year since its inception, pairs any dish with just the right wine to create a flawless amalgamation of flavors. 

Celebrate Greystone’s 23 years of creativity, adaptability, and tenacious dedication with them this July! Treat yourself to a Wagyu tasting menu for only $85 a person a short distance from some of San Diego’s most well-known hotels in the middle of a booming downtown.

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