Jingle bells πŸ”” are ringing

At Greystone Steakhouse, the enchantment of Christmas Eve and Day is elevated to a culinary symphony, where the rich aroma of perfectly grilled steaks mingles with the festive spirit in the air. As the doors open on Christmas Eve at 2:00 PM and on Christmas Day at 1:00 PM, patrons are welcomed into a haven of holiday delights. With our full dinner menu available, synonymous with culinary excellence, is complemented by limited-time Christmas Day specials that add a touch of seasonal magic to the dining experience.

Among the tantalizing offerings is the Christmas Soup, a warm and comforting starter at $14.95, setting the tone for a festive feast. The Mixed Green Christmas Salad, priced at $16.95, is a refreshing blend of cranberry, pecans, goat cheese, butternut squash, all elegantly drizzled with a poppyseed champagne dressingβ€”a perfect harmony of flavors.

For those seeking a hearty main course, the Pork Porterhouse steals the spotlight at $58.96. Served with sweet potato, green beans, and au jus, it’s a celebration on a plate. The Bone-In Filet, a 14oz USDA Prime, Wet-Aged masterpiece, commands attention at $109, promising a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Seafood Diavola, priced at $64.95, brings the ocean’s bounty to the table with clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster, and a tantalizingly spicy marinara sauce. No celebration is complete without a sweet conclusion, and Greystone Steakhouse offers a delectable Pecan Pie at $15.95, warmed and served with vanilla gelatoβ€”a divine finale to a festive feast.

Amidst the laughter, clinking glasses, and the warmth of shared moments, Greystone Steakhouse transforms Christmas Eve and Day into an unforgettable culinary journey, where tradition meets innovation, and every bite is a celebration of the holiday spirit.

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