Joanna Haas: The return of the Tomahawk

Calling all beef-aholics, the Tomahawk days are back!

All you lovers of a great bone-in steak, such as the T-bone or Porterhouse, will LOVE the Tomahawk Steak special, as they all share the same main back muscle, the longissimus dorsi!

Our USDA prime Tomahawk Steak is a French trimmed, bone in, Fore-rib cut. This unique style of butchery is well known for it’s signature sweet gelatinous flavor, released from both the huge bone plus the generous amount of inter-muscular fat, and also for its Tomahawk axe resembling, straight from the Stone Age, “Flintstones” presentation! This succulent and juicy steak is the ultimate “wow-factor”!!

Bring on your appetites and get your cameras ready!! It is certainly not an everyday steak!

See u at the Stone 😉

Joanna Haas

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