More Info about the Demolition Man Experience at Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood!

Want the full scoop on the Demolition Man Experience happening this weekend during comic con? Check out these news articles to get all the information you’ll need to survive the great Franchise Wars of 2018!

San Diego Union-Tribune:
Comic-Con 2018: Freebie Taco Bell to pop up in Gaslamp steakhouse
Taco Bell fans can take a free trip into the future this weekend when the “Demolition Man” experience pops up at Greystone Steakhouse & Seafood in the Gaslamp Quarter for Comic-Con weekend.

From Thursday through Saturday, the no-badge-required event will temporarily turn the upscale steakhouse into a futuristic version of… read more

Eater San Diego:
Behold Comic-Con’s Futuristic Taco Bell From ‘Demolition Man’
Want to dine like it’s 2032? Running through Saturday, July 21 is a pop-up restaurant takeover of the Gaslamp’s Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood that has turned the Fifth Avenue restaurant into the futuristic Taco Bell depicted in Demolition Man, the classic early 90s sci-fi action flick starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Set decades into the future in the fictitious California metropolis of ‘San Angeles’, one of the film’s main plot points is the ‘Franchise Wars’, a series of dystopic battles between chain eateries… read more

SD Entertainer Magazine:
The Ultimate Comic-Con Takeover: “Taco Bell of The Future” Pop-Up
Taco Bell in The Gaslamp is launching a restaurant takeover at Greystone Steakhouse & Seafood, in honor of the Demolition Man movie’s 25th anniversary. Taking on a futuristic look with off-menu dishes from Taco Bell during Comic-Con, the space will be unrecognizable this weekend between July 19th – 22nd. Word on the street is… read more

Eat Drink Be SD:
Taco Bell Debuts Fine Dining Concept for Comic Con
The Taco Bell of the future is…. fine dining? That’s right, for the 25th anniversary of Demolition Man, in which Taco Bell has “won the franchise wars,” Taco Bell popped up their first fine dining concept in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California yesterday. Taco Bell took over Greystone Prime Steakhouse & Seafood for Comic Con weekend serving up a 4 course meal, served by suited waiters and accompanied by… read more

San Diego Food Finds:
Taco Bell Demolition Man Experience
What do you get when you serve a taco on a silver platter? There’s a new dynamic duo crashing into Comic-Con this year! Taco Bell is teaming up with local fine dining spot Greystone Steakhouse & Seafood to fuel hungry convention-goers all weekend in honor of Demolition Man’s 25th anniversary.

While this 20-year landmark of the Gaslamp Quarter is typically known for its elegant atmosphere, exotic wild game and international selection of wagyu steaks, Greystone will be trading out their sommelier for a soda machine and their filets for Nacho Fries at this pop-up transformation into Taco Bell 2032, the “Taco Bell of the Future”. Inspired by the 25th Anniversary of Warner Bros.’ 1993 action sci-fi film Demolition Man, the restaurant takeover will… read more

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