Our NEW $100 Wagyu Steak

New Wagyu steak

Photo by Cory Wagner at Yelp San Diego


For over 20 years, Greystone has been known to serve the best, high-quality steaks to every guest. Now, we present to you our most luxurious cut… our NEW $100 Wagyu steak!

Made with 3 ounces of True Japanese Wagyu, black truffle, and 24 karat gold flakes, our $100 Wagyu Steak sure is a beauty. Eating True Japanese Wagyu is known to many as a once in a lifetime experience and that’s not including the truffle or gold, so imagine what they’d say if they tasted the extraordinary depth of flavor found in our $100 Wagyu Steak.

If you’re new to the world of Wagyu, you might wonder why Wagyu is so expensive and highly sought after. Wagyu is deemed coveted as its natural composition for unique and enriched marbling is like no other. This type of intense, fat marbling makes the meat more tender and flavorful, so that the meat truly melts in your mouth.

The rearing method itself is responsible for not only the level of marbling, but the high price tag on Wagyu. In Japan, Wagyu calves must be raised differently, wearing jackets when the weather gets too cold, being given a name instead of a number, and following a specific diet. Unlike most meat we eat, these calves even have their own birth certificate so that they can be traced back to their farm and their bloodline can be identified.

When it comes down to knowing whether the Wagyu you ordered is the real deal, ask what grade the Wagyu beef is. The Japan Meat Grading Association will grade the meat on its yield ranging from A-C, with A as the highest score; then on a scale from 1-5 based on marbling, color, and firmness, with 5 being the highest score. Wagyu from other countries is graded similarly. However, the Japanese Wagyu at Greystone will always be Wagyu A5.

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