Pink Elephant Parade

This weeks featured potation is the Pink Elephant Parade. Spirit-forward, sophisticated and complex this is one of those cocktails that must be exactly measured for the perfect blend, so that one ingredient won’t overpower the other. An excellent example of barroom chemistry at its finest, where every single ingredient shines through individually in each sip.

First, we start of with a shot of Tanqueray Gin, then we add a little bit of Green Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur produced by Carthusian monks in the French Alps that has an intense floral and herbal aroma. Its formula has been kept a secret for the entirety of its almost 400 years of history! We also add a little Lillet Blanc, a french aperitif wine that is a very flowery on the nose and has aromas of candied orange, honey and exotic fruits; then a touch of St. Germain elderflower blossom liqueur and a splash of lime juice, for some zesty acidity. Finishing it with a few dashes of Peychauds Bitters, a lighter, sweeter and more floral style of bitters, stirring it all together in an iced cocktail shaker, straining into a coupe, and topping it with a star anise for garnish. Now, say the magic words “I like the bartender..Ooo..” (or a simple “Thank you” will do!) and sip away into libation paradise!

Pink Elephant Parade

Tanqueray + Green Chartreuse + Lillet Blanc + St. Germain + lime juice + Peychauds Bitters

Come in today to Greystone Steakhouse to add some liquid magic to your week!

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