San Diego Will Not Join LA County With Indoor Vaccine Mandates, Officials Say!

Many San Diegans were questioning whether or not San Diego county will join LA in indoor vaccine mandates, but officials say that it is an unlikely scenario. “As of now, cases are going down, and our vaccine rates are really high”, said San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair, Nathan Fletcher. “Our businesses are working to recover. They’re having staffing issues and I just don’t know it’s a burden we need to place on them.” Supervisor Jim Desmond is also not in favor of instituting indoor vaccine mandates, arguing that businesses have already been put through the wringer, “Two or three times open and close, open and close,” Desmond said, “and now their business is going to be hampered by people not being to go out … especially those who are not vaccinated. I don’t see that happening anytime soon in San Diego County.”

Our manager, Sara Arjmand, said “a similar mandate might cause sales to drop by up to 40%. There’s a lot of monitoring that we have to abide by, as of right now, we just lost our tent last week. Now the fire department came and tore our outdoor patio out and now the staffing position and we just don’t want another mandate we have to stay on top of.”

Thank you to Formula Marketing for representing us through this pandemic and helping us persevere through it!

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