Innovation In the Midst of Coronavirus Pandemic

––Press Release March 16, 2020

San Diego Dining Group is Turning its Restaurants into Community Kitchens
San Diego, CA In a crisis, such as the one the world is facing, it is best to remain
resilient and think outside the box. To offset the melee, the Coronavirus has created for
many businesses, it is key to think outside the box. A contribution is always a key factor
during any global crisis.
Today, the conglomerate, The San Diego Dining Group which includes of Greystone
the Steakhouse, Saltwater, Osetra, Butchers Cut and Osterian Panevinio announced
that it will turn its restaurants into Community Kitchens during the Coronavirus
pandemic, serving the community in the frontlines of the effort to contain Coronavirus;
all nurses, doctors, research medical companies, health care specialists, police
department,fire departments etc. Starting Wednesday, March 18th – March 22,
2020 the staff of such organizations mentioned can bring in a valid ID from 11am
to 1pm to Saltwater located on 904 Fifth Ave San Diego CA 92101 and will be
given a free meal to-go.
“The decision to transform our restaurants into Community Kitchens during the
Coronavirus pandemic is our way of giving back to the communities we serve in the
midst of trying times. The fact is we are going to get through this together by combining
our efforts and doing our part in the community. We are working on the logistics, but we
already know that we will be providing complementary family meals to the community in
the frontlines of the effort to contain Coronavirus. Being from Italy and witnessing
this unfortunate pandemic unfold and not being able to be there for our families and our
community, we felts the need to do so here as this is our home” Vincenzo Loverso and
Alesandro Minutella, CEOs and Presidents of San Diego Dining Group.
The firm is in the process of developing a campaign to help spread the word to its
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends limiting social contact during the
Coronavirus pandemic. The San Diego Dining Group is the first hospitality brand in San
Diego, CA to launch this new phase of business.
“Times are changing. When the world suddenly shifts due to the unexpected
uncertainties, it’s only a matter of time before some of our day-to-day activities such as
dining at our favorite restaurants shift as well. When many of us first heard about the
Coronavirus, I don’t think many of us imagined that it would grow to become a
pandemic. As time passed we began to visually see the shift. It has affected the world in
so many ways. We want to spearhead change and be proactive in the process of
learning how to continue to live and move during this pandemic
We have to push forward and remain optimistic. We want to do our part,”Sara Arjmand,
Director of Marketing.
For information please contact – Director of Operations Sara Arjmand at ”


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